Welcome to White Fields Missions

His Vision...Our Passion...


Our Ministry Continues To Grow - New Buildings, New Ministries, New Ideas!

The vision we began with has significantly grown and the vision we are carrying forth seems to be enlarging daily. Each time we venture out to meet needs, we are discovering new areas of need. Although it has caused us to go through some pretty intense stretching, we are very confident this has always been Gods plan for us. As we grow, so does the vision. We invite you to take a look at the many White Fields ministries in Honduras and beyond.

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Who We Are...What We're About


Find out more about the founders of White Fields who are working in La Ceiba, Honduras and beyond striving to make a difference in lives through, pastoral and leadership training, medical team clinics, group mission trips, ministry to the orphans and widows, construction of churches and houses in needy areas, instruction in the Bible, English and computer to children and youth. “His Passion – Our Mission.”

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Honduras Ministry Center


La Ceiba, Honduras is home to our Ministry Center. At present, the center consists of the “Catherine Christian Vision House” which has a kitchen, laundry room, office, and two large rooms to house our interns, team members, students and other special guests.

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And...our outreach in Honduras doesn't stop there. Learn how our work is enlarging and the ways in which we are making a difference.

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